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Old friend or new, the ever-present greeting of Shadows of Isildur rings true.

Welcome Friend!


Rising once again to greatness, the world of Middle-Earth comes alive through textual glory to tell the unwritten tales of hundreds of souls who occupy this vast world in spirit, mind or dream. The journey continues upon the docks of Laketown, along the banks of Long Lake, at the base of The Lonely Mountain, within the dangerous Mirkwood Forest, deep in the bowels of Mirkwood Mountain and coursing down The River Running.

Shadows of Isildur: Laketown beckons young and old, new friends and old, urging you forward with open arms to come join us as we begin the next chapter of SoI.

An expansive world is unfolding behind the scenes beginning with our Alpha version of Utterby, a small settlement near the River Running, which is much, much too close to Vadok Mal, the mountain base of an orkish army led by the iron-fisted orc sent by the dark forces of Dol Guldur.  The outlook is grim for the hearty folk of Utterby who fight for life itself in the wild and dark Mirkwood Forest. 

Deep within the eastern-most mountain of the Mirkwood Mountains, Vadok Mal, a great evil gathers, venturing forth to strike at the innocent peoples of Utterby.  Their charge, though simple, is heinous beyond measure... crush the inhabitants of Utterby, show no mercy to any man, nor woman, nor child.

Will you answer the call?  To the heroic fight... or to dark?

Playable clans for both humans and orcs, new and old.

The epic struggle continues.