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Eyes on the Horizon

With the closing of our forums staff have been able to concentrate fully on building the game world and working with players to sort out any minor issues they may have. Our numbers remain fairly steady and we're seeing a good number of players returning that had originally started to play at the beginning of Alpha. We're even seeing a few old timers stepping in to the game that have not shown their faces in more than four years. Welcome. We've missed you and hope you enjoy the slower pace that Alpha gives.

Personally, I have taken a lesson from the past several weeks and have been concentrating on the most basic aspects of the game. Mainly with better defining our overall vision, policies, rules and how we work with new players. Watch for our overall policies to be solidified in the coming days, as well as a renewed investment in the players themselves that have been so dedicated to the game.

We're getting closer and closer to Laketown every day. Many staff members have spent many hours over just this last week hashing out the details and building. The basic structure of Laketown is complete, the public streets (or boardwalks), the Underdocks, the lake beneath. The room descriptions are wonderful and I could not be happier with how things are progressing. We've finalized the building placements, what shops go where, and how we're going to handle the unique, player-owned (or leased) buildings and shops. We're working on npcs to populate Laketown and to sell the basics and more. I fully expect to see a fully realized Laketown in the next month or so.

Does that mean we'll be opening Laketown right away? Sadly, no, we have some further building to complete before we make the leap to Beta. We also have much testing that needs to be done, as well as adding some secrets for you all to find. Fortunately the rest of the building that we need for Beta is not nearly so demanding as Laketown itself has been.

In closing, I'd like to thank all of our hard-working staff members and you, our dedicated players.



Builder News:
08/29/2015 56 rooms created in Laketown for markets and PC and NPC stalls. Rejoice in selling and trading, crafts! Rishte
08/27/2015 'Forge thick-meat-hook' was created for the blacksmithing craft set. Cynric
08/27/2015 'Forge metal-goblet' was added to the blacksmithing craft set. Cynric
08/27/2015 'Forge metal-spoon' has been added to the blacksmithing craft set. Cynric
08/27/2015 42 new rooms for Laketown in the PC shop areas. Delicious. Rishte
08/26/2015 Automated shop/stall/manager license renewals. Check out your local Artisan Union Office! Rishte
08/26/2015 'Forge metal-fork' added to the blacksmithing craftset. Cynric
08/26/2015 'Forge medium-metal-bowl' was added to the blacksmithing craftset. Cynric
08/25/2015 'Forge metal-platter' created and added to the blacksmithing craftset. Cynric
08/25/2015 'Forge metal-ladle' added to blacksmithing craftset." Cynric
08/25/2015 'Carve wooden-ladle' has been added to the woodcraft skillset. Cynric
08/22/2015 A dozen objects created towards automating license and leasing renewals. Yay! Rishte
08/11/2015 You like bodies? You want to stop seeing dead ones? Go bury them at your local grave. Crafts General-Funerary Rishte
08/11/2015 Wrote some progs that are bound to irritate some people. Ceredir