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Bred in the White Mountains, these ponies stand on average about twelve
hands as middling size pony. They are renown for their steady footing and
strong, wide bodies that serve well as they tramp through the craggy lands they
usually live in. Despite their small size, their strength allows them to carry
full size riders or carry heavy loads. Rumor holds they are the most popular
breed of pony with Dwarves, if they could ever convince a man of Rohan to
dsell sell them one.

Pincup Ponies

The smallest of all horses known to Men, these curiously small (only three
feet high at maximum) long-haired ponies are suitable only for riding by
Halflings or the children of Men. Friendly and small, they are at times kept
as companion animals by Hobbits or the Men of Bree and trained to pull small
carts or wagons.