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Disclaimer:  Any and all rules below here broken run the risk of sanctions, fines, and the revoking of license to do business by the Artisan’s Union. Further, Union members and licensees discovered to be breaking any civil or legal law of Laketown will be accorded to punishment on such offenses.


  1. Members must remain citizens of good standing by Laketown law. 

    1. Members who break laws shall willingly submit to the orders and decisions of the magistrates and the Watch for punishment to be determined.

    2. Members shall obey any punishment in fine, civil (AKA community) service, or time in jail required to clear their name and debt from law breaking.  

    3. Members who receive a bail bond in exchange for jailing until court appearance are expected to obey all terms and to repay any fees or interest accrued.

    4. Members can and are encouraged to retain the services of a litigant to navigate the court system and to petition in their defense.  

  2. No Artisan shall knowingly employ or do business with those known to break the legal, civil, or commercial laws of Laketown.

    1. Business owners are deemed responsible for the acts of their employees. To employ (and keep employed) a law-breaker is to condone them.

    2. Business owners shall submit errant employees to all rules and expectations they themselves would face as seen in Section I: 1  - A-D above.

    3. Business owners are responsible for the business conducted by themselves and their employees on their behalf and in their name. All business shall follow all laws and expectations as laid out herein.

  3. Union members will only sell items via their business (IE - stall or shopfront) as laid out in the specific terms of their license. Selling applies to good for coin. Bartering is good for good.

    1. OOC: Players of Union Members are expected to submit a Weekly Player Report when PC to PC sales are conducted outside of their License. This is considered OOC and not to be assumed it will get the Character in trouble. Failure to notify staff or false information given will be dealt with in an OOC capacity.

  4. Union members will not buy, sell, or trade in any items forbidden by general Laketown law (AKA contraband)

  5. Union members are forbidden to acquire or build restricted workshop tools without the proper licensure and fees, and to do so risks the tool’s forcible removal or destruction.

  6. Members will keep current on their membership dues and licensure renewals.

  7. Members will maintain proper payment on their debts and complete the terms of any signed and witnessed contracts to which they are a party. Should such agreements end in litigation, they will adhere to any and all tenets of decision met by the counselor or magistrate assigned. To do otherwise is to abrade the law and be an oathbreaker.

  8. Members will maintain a reputation for fair business that reflects well on the Artisan’s Union. Those involved frequently in frivolous litigation or with a reputation for shoddy work or price gouging face disapproval and sanctions.

  9. Union members will not willingly allow non-members into member-only workshops or work areas or allow them to bypass expected fees or payments to do so is to lose one’s own privileges of access..

  10. Union members will not hire outside of their Union-Sanctioned License.

       a. Hiring within your license is defined as having employees who can actively participate in the creation of items that can be placed for sale within your shop.

    b. Union artisans are invited and indeed encouraged to create agreements and contracts with other external parties to fulfill their internal needs for the fairness of the market for all Union businesses. 

    c. Freeman License Holders will not hire more than 2 3 employees and only hired within their Licensure. OOC: This pertains to PC Shops.

    Management License Holders will not hire more than their clan can employ – a number which varies from clan to clan and only within their Licensure. OOC: This pertains to NPC owned Shops and Clans

    d. A designated legal Apprentice must be able to actively create the items the shop is designated to sell. If the licensed shopowner dies away or is unable to participate in business, a direct license transfer cannot be completed to an Apprentice unable to complete job functions. 
    e. Peddler, Bard and Stall License Holders  and Skald Holders will not hire employees and are not supported with an established clan. As a Peddler, giving access to your stall's till to another will result in your License being revoked.