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Over the past two-hundred years, the Artisan's Union has been the largest and most influential Merchant Fraternity in Wilderland (Rhovanion). Without going over the entire Artisan's Union, it should be known that the AU, based in Laketown, serves as the organizing and regulatory body for commerce for the settlements of Wilderland. This document, then, is an overview of the Licensing requirements for Freemen of the Wilderland to obtain the blessing of the AU and of their respective settlement's Master. 


Please be aware that staff reserve the right to change, alter, and modify these requirements at any time. For many Licenses there may be License-specific crafts that are only accessible with said License but not necessarily clan-only or 'patented' by any particular License but more so regulated for making by the Artisan Union. This is a helpful hand to Stall Peddler Licenses that have very limited craftsets for their License.