How To Make a Character

Creating your character is an important part of playing Shadows of Isildur: Laketown.

What is in a Name?

Naming your character is one of the first steps in creating your character. Here are some helpful links in choosing an appropriate name:


Fantasy Name Generator

Another Fantasy Name Generator

Seventh Sanctum Names

Please avoid the following things when naming your character:

  • Real World Names - Anything modern or biblical. Names like Adam, David, Sarah, Emily, Bob, Chuck, Ashley, etc. will be readily declined. This includes the names of cities, countries, languages, people, brands, etc.
  • Copyrighted Names - You know what these are. Examples; Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Jon Snow, etc.
  • Famous Names - Whether these are game, movie, literature or Hollywood based - do not attempt to name your character after an already, famously-known character as it is very jarring to the immersion of others. Be kind to their eyeballs and brains having to read your name.
  • Unrealistic Names - If you cannot pronounce it, don't attempt to use it. If it is more than ten characters long, do not attempt to use it. Again, be kind to the eyeballs and brains of your fellow players.
  • Names of Animals or Things - If you want to name your PC warg you will likely die within 24 hours. Please avoid naming your character after targetable animals or things, you'll end up confusing everyone and you won't get a rezz for being the wrong Rabbit killed.
  • Numbers - Even spelled out isn't really fair to the knowledge base of the uneducated and illiterate PCs we have out there.
  • Tolkien Character Names - I shouldn't have to explain this one.
  • Blatant copying of famous characters whether those of the game, past versions of the game, or characters outside of the game in relation to books, games, comics, movies, anime, etc.


Beorning Names

- The Beorning, similar to those of Rohan, do not take any other name but their own. This means they do not take middle names, nicknames, secondary names or family names.
- Beorning names come from an Old Norse convention and this link can assist in naming your Beorning: Find Your Beorning Name
- It is not overly uncommon for Beorning to adopt some Sindarin words into their naming conventions due to the sound of them, finding them attractive or 'honey in the ears'.

Corsair Names


Dorwinion Names

- Dorwinion naming conventions, much like the rest of Dorwinion culture and tradition, is rich, colorful and quite varied. They do not use middle names. Last names are traditionally used solely by the Nobility.
- Dorwinion names are best inspired by African , Serbian , Romanian , and Persian .
- While common amongst the Nobility, it is exceptionally rare amongst low-to-upper caste Dorwinions to use Sindarin-based naming conventions. The only Dorwinions aside from Nobility to risk the social taboo of it would be the gypsies who have nothing to lose though even for them it is still quite rare to do so.

Elven Names


Gondorian Names


Rhovanion Names

- Rhovanion naming conventions are a blend of Norse , Swedish , Finnish , and Icelandic names.
- It is exceedingly rare, if not wholly unheard of, for Rhovanions to make use of Elvish names or words in their own naming conventions.

Rohirrim Names

- The Rohirrim names are constructed to sound like their parents' names. A girl's name will have some sort of common sound with her mother's, and a boy's name will have some sort of common sound with his father's. Also, siblings often have similar sounding names. For example: Thengel→Théoden→Théodred and Morwen→Théodwyn→Éowyn. Théoden and Théodwyn are brother and sister.
- They rarely have more than one name. This means no middle names and no nicknames. You cannot enter the game with an already established uppnefi without Staff approval.
- They have no family names. This means no last names.
- Their names are always made of Westron, substituted by Old English/Anglo Saxon. Use this link to assist: Find Your Rohirrim Name

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