Shadows of Isildur uses an email based support ticket system.

Issues may take some time for us to get to because of the sheer
volume. If your request is a serious emergency to your character,
please use the petition command.

Make sure to file your ticket under the correct email to
ensure that your concerns are seen to as quickly as possible:

Code Issue - (Account Name) - For reporting bugs and issues directly
related to the game's CODE. Building errors should be addressed
under "Report a Problem" or "General Inquiry".

Craft Issue - (Subcraft Name) - (Account Name) - Report a problem with a craft. Typos in crafts go here too.

Feedback - (Account Name) - A place to give us feedback on things you have
strong feelings about.

Private Complaint - This ticket is only seen by Elder Staff.
If you have a complaint about another player or staff member,
this is the place to do it.

Private Player Issue - Used to communicate with Elder Staff
in regards to issues or requests that you don't want other staff
members to see.

Access Issue - (Account Name) - For reporting problems with access
to the game, forum or chargen. Connection sharing concerns should
also go here.

Character Report - (Account Name) - Please check out help reports.

MasterCraft Submission - (Account Name) - Please check out: help mastercraft.

PK Report - (Account Name) - For reporting your character having
killed another PC or NPC, this does not include animal mobs, NPC-wargs,
or NPC orc/goblins.

Special Application - (Account Name) - For roles to which require any
specialization, whether it is a role that is not in character generation or one
that is beyond your present RPP status. This is not a guarantee for approval.

Volunteer - (Account Name) - If you wish to volunteer as a staffer, guide or
builder, this gets our attention more quickly than sending it via
any other heading.

Submission - (Account Name) - For submitting non-mastercraft craft, obj,
or mob submissions. This is not a guarantee for it being introduced into game.

Reimbursement - (Account Name) - For requesting reimbursement of an
object due to code issue, craft issue or crash. A log of the situation must be
submitted along with, preferably copy/pasted and not an attachment or image.

Rezz - (Account Name) - For requesting an investigation into the death
of your PC due to code or crash issue - a log must be attached, there is no
guarantee of resurrection.

Complaint - (Account Name) - For submitting a complaint of another
player or a staff member, please be specific and clear and try to give facts
of the situation.

(Subject) - (Account Name) - If you're not sure what you should use,
then use this one.

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