Gondor lies southwest of Rhovanion, southeast of Eriador, south of Rohan, north of the Sea and directly west of Mordor. It’s nobility is well-known to be of Numenorian descent. Its most notable cities are Dol Amroth and Pelargir, though some would argue Minas Tirith, where the Steward himself sits, is of great import as well.


Dol-Amroth is a settlement in western Gondor, situated within or close to the Havens of Belfalas and is governed by noble Greathouses serving the Crown: the Prince of Belfalas. Dol-Amorth is the largest city in western Gondor and is situated on a hill along the edge of the Bay of Belfalas just south of the mouth of River Morthond. The city’s high walls and underwater chains afford the city its great reputation of never having fallen and the likelihood of never doing so in the future.

Each noble Greathouse, including the leading House of Dol-Amroth, are protected by the Swan Knights, famed for their glory and prowess as the finest cavalry in all of Gondor. The symbol of the Swan Knights is silver upon blue, bearing a white ship in the likeness of a swan upon blue waters. Dol-Amroth also supports an inner-city police force called the City Watch which handle day to day business leaving the Swan Knights to attend the Crown, nobility and the protection of the Dol-Amroth lands, and more rarely the protection of wider Gondor at the Prince’s command.

Dol-Amroth is the world’s sole producer of Sea-Silk, a rare, silken material which knows no equal and its sources and manufacturing are highly guarded by the Weaving Guilds to which are rumored to die and kill to keep their secrets well kept.


Pelargir lies at the meeting of River Anduin and River Sirith which thereupon flow into the Bay of Belfalas. It is known to be located some ways south and eastwards from Dol Amroth. The finest Navy in the world, to which serves the Steward of Gondor, in the absence of the King, and the Prince of Dol-Amroth lies in Pelargir.

There are three social castes within Pelargir that slightly set them apart from other cities within Gondor; a Common Caste which is made up of a Labor, Market, Dock District along with a Shipwrights, Laborers, Artisan and Venturers Guild, a Navy Caste, and a Nobility Caste made up of five families of Numenorian descent.

Pelargir is the world’s finest producer of ships, linen, canvas and supplier of Gondorian wines to the rest of the world.

Government and Laws of Gondor

Each city of Gondor has some of its own laws and rules to live by which vary between them. These laws are best understood by reading their individual documentation.

Common Quirks of Gondor

For those of Gondor there are a few common quirks, or descriptors, which very much set them apart from others:

- Speak Westron predominantly.

- Literacy is very uncommon amongst the Common Castes while a standard part of education amongst the Nobility.

- Familiar with Corsairs, not so say they’re remotely friends but aware of Corsair look and behavior based on exposure through battles.

- The Common have a coloring which is often light-brown haired as blond and red are very rare with pale-brown or blue eyes and are of middling height with fair skin.

- The Nobility have a coloring which is often black haired and grey eyed, tall in stature and very fair-skinned.

- Beards are never in fashion and kept wholly at bay.


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